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Drive Traffic to your Apps!

AppZoot Boosts your apps up the charts with our proprietary Promo Flags™

  • Drive traffic to new apps using Promo Flags™
  • Update your Promo Flags™ in real-time
  • Promote anything from within your apps easily using Promo Flags™
  • Deliver promotions, announcements and more to your app users
  • Deliver super charged push notifications to users
  • Sustain app traffic using Promo Flags™
  • Don't soley rely on the unpredictable AppStore search algorithm

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I already had an app that was doing very well in health and fitness, but I still had trouble launching new apps. They just didn't get any traction, but that ALL CHANGED with AppZoot. AppZoot allowed me to EASILY promote my new apps from within my already successful app. I no longer have to rely on the AppStore search algorithm to drive traffic to my apps.

Greg Ellis iTrackBites by ellisapps

With the AppZoot promo flag I was able to take my newly launched app from 900th place in health and fitness to 40th place in less than 1 hour. Of course I was fortunate to have an existing app with a lot of users, but without AppZoot promo flags my other apps would never have been discovered.

Greg Ellis Beer Nutrition by ellisapps

AppZoot allows me to target certain groups of users that use my app for flag promotion as well as push notifications. I use the push notification features to present app offers to certain segments of relevant users within my app. This allows me to show different app promotions to different users at different times which maximizes downloads and revenue.

Roulette VIP by ellisapps

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